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Mark Group

MARK GROUP was launched in 2006, with its flagship company MARK VENTURES, to take-up construction projects in and around Talegaon, Pune. It started with a zestful team of 3 professionals operating from a small rented apartment and now a well rounded and diversified business enterprise with.

The spirit of winning

There are some who are born winners and some who work hard every moment of the day to come out winners at the end of it. The spirit of adventure runs through their veins and helps them mark their presence in a world of unending demands and competition. At Mark Group we are adventurers of sorts. We seek novelty and look ahead in every task and enterprise we embark upon. We delight in the challenges that the progressive journey reveals to us.


Strong branches rooted in values…

Mark Ventures became the flagship company of the Group and in the following years, was to carry ahead the beacon of innovation and enterprise by entering into extremely fruitful associations.



Mark Group is steered by a dynamic management team with a distinctly futuristic attitude. Alacrity and innovativeness persistently drive their energy and vision.

Desiring the win is the only way to move forward in the life. Setting up goals requires courage to follow your dreams. Following the dreams makes your life livable. We are here to make your dreams come true. Lets walk together to make a mark on the business horizons. We are pleased to invite partners to come and grow with us!

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